The Lieutenant is a tier-3 upgrade of Sniper at LVL 30. The lieutenant has a circular body with an Overseer cannon on back, and a Shooter cannon on front, the Shooter cannon looks like a V with the point touching the tank. the lieutenant controls jut like a regular overseer, and has a Drone limit of 2, a shooter limit of 1. The shooters look like a Drone, but the front of them doesn't have a point, but instead has a barrel. the shooter shoots at enemies instead of rushing at them, and they shoot at anything nearby, or wherever you are clicking. The lieutenant become the General or the Shooter Captain at LVL 45. The general has a Shield gun on the front, 2 overseer guns where the tri-angles back guns are, and then a Shooter gun on the back. They can have 1 shield, 2 shooters, and 4 Drones. The Shooter captain has a Shooter cannon on the back, and a Gunner Drone cannon on the front. The gunner drone cannon looks like 2 Shooter cannons on top of each other. The Gunner drone looks like a Shooter but with 4 thin barrels on the front. the Gunner drone shoots fast, but not very strong, bullets. (Shield details coming soon) Any artwork or suggestions, just leave a comment!

Lieutenant branch

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