The Manipulator is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Necromancer, along with the Gatherer.


The Manipulator is a Necromancer with a Tank Controllers (semi-ovals) on each of the two sides without Drone Spawners.



The Manipulator is a Necromancer that also controls the tanks that it kills. It can have a maximum of 1 tank and 18 Square Minions at full reload. The tank minions are Al-controlled and have the same stats as they did before it was killed. Minions do not respawn when killed, but they do regenerate their health. They also do not leave the Manipulator's view.


The controls are the same as the Necromancer's because the tank minions are Al-controlled.


  • Strong/Weak Against Chart:

As the Manipulator


  • Drone Speed: Many tanks can out run all your Drones, and

all tanks can outrun your Pentagons, so upgrade Drone Speed to catch them!

  • Drone Health: Make sure your Drones do more damage and last longer.
  • Drone Damage: Helps Drone Health.
  • Drone Count: Maximize Drone Count so you can have the

maximum amount of Drones.

  • Spread the rest of your Stat points on Health Regen, Max Health, and Body Damage.


  • Tanks with high ROF are hard to kill, but useful to have as Minions.
  • Sniper class tanks are very good for minions as they are easy to kill and are quite strong.

Against the Manipulator

  • Manipulators, like Necromancers and Summoners, are quite easily killed by Rangers, fast rammers, and tanks with high ROF.


  • Based on the Stats of the tank killed, the computer will decide if the new Minion rams or shoots.

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