Mashup mode is a chaotic mode which is a mashup of other modes, with 4 motherships, 4 dominators, and 4 teams. When a mothership is defeated, the mothership respawns after a different player dies, and they get to control it. In this mode, when dominators and motherships are controlled, they have the players name instead of mothership or dominator. As it is a mashup of every mode, when you get killed by a player of another team, you go onto their team. XP gain rate is 3x that of FFA and Team DM. Bosses spawn normally as they do in every other mode. Dominators can be controlled normally.
ATB256's ideas
Tanks: Burster_(ATB_tank),Gun_burst_(ATB_tank),Mega_burster_(ATB_tank),Shield_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 2: Mega_shield,Defense_flank,Plane_shot_(ATB_tank),Auto_destroyer_(ATB_tank),
Tanks 3: Super_flank_(ATB_tank),Destroyer_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 4: Gunner_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 5: Gun_twin_(ATB_tank),Engineer_(ATB_tank)
Polygons: Octagon_(ATB_polygon)
Gamemodes: Mashup_mode_(ATB_gamemode)
Bosses: Penta-master_(ATB_boss),Smasher_King_(ATB_boss),Fallen_Mothership_(ATB_boss),Elite bosses (ATB256)
WIP: Streaker_branch_(ATB's_W.I.P_branch)

Game tweaks: Game_Tweaks_(ATB's_actually_possible_universe)

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