The Mechanic looks very similar to the engineer, except it has no basic tank-type cannon, and the minion-summoning cannon is on the front. Additionally, the cannon has another rectangle on it. Minions look the same as Engineer minions, except they can upgrade to different classes.

Basic Info

The Mechanic upgrades to nothing, and upgrades from the Engineer. It summons minions that have all the normal stats, except 0.9x as strong, and these minions can move too. One is summoned every three minutes automatically, including just after leveling up to Mechanic. The mechanic is slightly slower than most tanks, but has a bit more HP.

The minions follow the mechanic like normal tanks, and will attack enemies and polygons as well. They can upgrade, but have to farm by themselves, bringing points into their own score bars. When one of the minions farms for score, your score bar is filled up, and theirs as well. All of the minions can have their stats and tanks individually upgraded, and there can be up to three at a time. They will follow the mouse when left click is held down, and will stay in place if not. However, if the Mechanic goes too far away, the minions will automatically go towards it. Right-clicking allows the tanks to fire. Drone classes and predators use the Q key to use their right click function. The limited control and the fact that these minions are weaker balances this tank. Also, if you try to make the Mechanic create more Mechanics, the resulting tanks cannot level up, and can only have limited stats.

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