The mega octo master (or MOM for short) is a tier 8 tank that upgrades from Octo-Master at level 115 and may not upgrade further.


Normal size and same assets as octo-master. However it has 16 T.O.O.T.'s circling around it instead of 4 octuple octo tanks. They are just close enough so they dont touch each others but will not let anything past them. They spin slowly around the main tank. The main tank has more barrels, a total of 160. 128 of them are placed like the octo master, and the 32 other ones are a huge barrel that points where the player's mouse is and overlaps itself 31 times. That barrel fires like a hunter, however all the overlaps and barrel itself fire at once, leaving a line of bullets.


The barrel that overlaps itself 31 times can only be fired by toggling Q, which will fire it at a speed of 6 times per sec. Said barrel's stats are equal to 7x that of a streamliner with max stats (spare reload that is locked at 6 times per sec). The tank and its other barrels and minion's stats are all buffed by 40% and a bonus of 160% in a random stat apply for the main tank.

Main tank's speed is debuffed by 50%.


As the MOM

Usual just move around and be op strategy, however if something SOMEHOW manages to kill your T.O.O.T's or easily gets past the bullet storm then activate Q and aim at them. Note that ramming is not a great strategy.

Against the MOM

Get an OP tank or a tank with REALLY OP fire rate.

It's weakness is being rammed even though its nearly impossible to do so.


Obviously a joke.

First tier 8 tank.

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