aka The AA

  • I live in my triangular shields. You see them right?
  • My occupation is Doing a thing and thinging a do
  • I am a Crasher with 2 shields, all with various weaponry.

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  1. The Tidal Wave (150,000)
  2. ItzDracius (15,001)
  3. Intredistrict (7,000)
  4. QWT0 (5,000)
  5. Graviatar and El armadillo/Duckanon (1,000)
  6. The named BOSS and ArenaCloser1337 (500)
  7. 4L01510 1337 (Negative 3)

I'll take any type of request that you tell me to do, as I want to help the best I can, as the main reason I joined the Wikia was to help people, then make tanks and ideas. By the way, I also make nav boxes, so if you want one, then you came to the right place. Just post it on my message wall!

Tacocat247's tanks

Construction TankCrackers Inc.DavidThe SquareThe Exclusion ZoneExplorationFractalSparkyTurret PowerXyv Wdtcfgzsezgk&*_ _ _TWREIf you are reading this, then as you know, my pages are full of secrets. More improtant ones are cleverly hidden. Here is the place with some information.{{Template:Zipline}}</font></center>

  • 4L01510 1337
  • ArenaCloser1337
  • AM Waves
  • BeniTehCobCannon
  • Chapsteck4yurlipis
  • Diepic (DiepEpicBattle/PixelOrigin)
  • FallenBooster
  • Graviatar
  • Pulty
  • QWT0
  • The Tidal Wave
  • Type: Sparky (Transforming Eevee)
  • Unununtrium
  • ZathusTheMageV


Tank Damage
1 01234567
Penetration 0 5680104128152176200224
1 98140182224266308350392
2 140200260320380440500560
3 182260338416494572650728
4 224320416512608704800896
5 2663804946087228368501064
6 30844057270483696811001232
7 350500650800950110012501400

This is a bullet damage/penetration stat table for the basic tank. Credit to Zollo757347

  • Make Extender Branch
  • xdoiwf9ewuji

Hey. As you might know, my pages are filled to the brim with secrets, and this template is no exception.Have a stupid joke 👌☜Wingdings is fun to mess withMy final page will be Voltage
Welcome to my Message Wall!
AutobatonMy 1st tank
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