Mole is a tank created by hazardguy43

This tank looks like a basic tank but it has 2 rodent like hands.While weaker than basic tank.Mole can dig underground to hide itself.It resurfaces for air after 5 seconds


Branch 1:

Super mole - drills faster,can stay underground for 20 seconds.Very slight decrease in damage

Mega mole - even faster drilling.More health,can attack with its hands.Can stay underground for 1 minute.Lower bullet damage

Branch 2:

Shrew - drills slower but can spit poison at enemies.Dealing damage over time

Liquifier - drills very slow.But shoots lethal poison that can dissolve even strongest tanks in a few seconds.Fires 1 bullet every 4 seconds.Can attack with claws.Dominators and arena closers are immune to poison

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