Alright I'm going to take a page (Get it) from the team and add more trappers

Cause everyone loves trapper

Am I wrong?

Oh well

New Trappers

Invisible Trapper

  • Has the ability to turn, of course invisible
  • Only one trapper barrel
  • Has the stat ratio of a normal trapper
  • Can upgrade from trapper and assassin


  • Almost the same thing as the destroyer
  • Has one destroyer cannon in the front and a trapper barrel in the back
  • The reload on the back trapper is 3x the destroyer cannon
  • ((DestroyerCannonReload)) x3 = Trapper reload speed
  • Upgrades from Destroyer or trapper


  • Combination of the battlehip and, of course, trapper
  • Has 2 battleship barrels
  • 6 drone count, half of them controllable
  • Has on trapper barrel

Upgrades for Existing Trappers

Auto Trapper

  • Just remove it
  • Or give it 2 auto guns


  • Drone count up to 6

Gunner Trapper

  • Give it four barrels


  • Some of these are just jokes

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