The Mower is a fan idea class that upgrades from the Triple Shot and the Destroyer and was made by Tyler. (The person who typed this in and I don't have photoshop to make the Mower's design so go search up a picture of a kitten)

Design and stat changes

The Mower has 4 rectangular barrels in front of it with a Destroyer barrel on the back. It gets a major debuff to bullet speed and a passive debuff to health regeneration. It gets a decent buff to bullet penetration, reload and movement speed.

Weaknesses: Focused fire tanks; not including the gunner or the streamliner.

Strengths: Low-level tanks, Penta-shots in some cases, the Spread Shot.

As the Mower

It is best to charge down players with the front four cannons instead of using the destroyer bullet as it will give more recoil backwards than the front cannons do forwards. You will want to watch out for focused-fire tanks such as the Triplet or the Triple Twin as they will easily penetrate through your wall of bullets. Streamliners will do some damage to you but you should be able to run away before you die. (At least this could happen if the Mower was real)

Against the Mower

Try sniping them from a distance with a Ranger or using a Landmine or Stalker with body damage. They are also out-penetrated by the Triple Twin and the Streamliner, not to forget the Triplet. The Streamliner isn't as good with it's terrible speed.


The name Mower was derived from the main playstyle of this class A.K.A mowing down opponents.

Took inspiration from a fake tank design used in a video thumbnail of game-play except it didn't have the destroyer barrel.

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