The Necro-Destroyer is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from the Hybrid along with the Over-Destroyer.


The Necro-Destroyer looks like a Necromancer with a Destroyer cannon.



The Necro-Destroyer is a Destroyer that can infect Yellow Squares by bumping into them. The maximum of Drones it can have is fifteen. Unlike the Hybrid, it can control its Drones (see Controls). It also shoots Destroyer bullets the same power and at the same rate of a Hybrid or Destroyer.


Auto-fire does not enable the tank to shoot unceasingly, it lets you control the Drones with your mouse; clicking does not control the Drones, it makes you fire. Typical movement keys.


  • Strong against: Ramming tanks, slow tanks, and Overseer class tanks
  • Weak against: Fast tanks, Sniper class tanks (excluding Overseer class)

Using the Necro-Destroyer is very similar to using any Destroyer class tank. Players should take use of the powerful recoil of the Necro-Destroyer to boost towards enemy tanks while using the Drones to defend themselves. Necro-Destroyer players should be careful in aiming their shots, as well as avoid long-range tanks like Rangers, since the Necro-Destroyer's bullets are very slow and are easy to dodge from long distances. However, one hit can cripple any tank into fleeing, if not killing them instantly.


  • Bullet Penetration and Bullet Damage make your bullets do much more damage.
  • Bullet Speed and Reload are important because you are missing those.
  • Upgrade some Body Damage, Max Health, and Health Regen if you want to be a rammer.
  • Splash and Absorb are useful because your bullets are very damaging.


  • Rammers are easy to kill if they are attacking you.
  • If you see a Stalker go invisible, shoot to where you think they were.
  • Slow tanks like the Octotank, Triple Twin, or Penta Shot can be killed.
  • You can wipe out most of an Overseer class tank's Drones.
  • You do a lot of damage to the Mothership.


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  • Idea by Pulty, do not steal.

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