The legend says that "Deep hidden on a lost spot of the world, there is a machine capable of world destruction in record time. There's no way to describe such power; the only existing word to describe it is 'The Obliterater', and it gets short on magnitude". Actually it's located... and active.

The Obliterater is a Tier 5 Tank that upgrades from the Spammer.


The Obliterater has a circular base and a HUMONGOUS main cannon; a Ranger trapezoidal base, a MchnGn middle barrel, 4 Penta Shot side barrels; and two Gunner barrels, along with two Predator barrels at the top.

On the base's sides there are two Overseer drone spawners and a Trapper dispenser overlapping those.

At the back of the base there are 4 Booster barrels and there's a massive Destroyer barrel at the center.

Oh, and it has a MchnGn turret on it :)


It has the biggest FOV on the game (yep, even more than the Ranger), the drones it creates are controlled by the AI, it lays Mega Traps, AND, he can spawn drones by touching squares. It can 'fly' (because this is a 2-D game) because it has a Destroyer and Booster barrels on the back, so you can ram to some people. And the turret mounted over the base is a MchnGn destined to a close combat (if somebody survives to get that close). BUT, there's actually an Achilles' heel on everything: the Obliterater's life is somehow the same as a lvl 45 common tank, with the Max Health to the top and a lame Health Regen.

There can be only 1 Obliterater in the server. Will you have the luck to become the artifact of planetary mass destruction?


As the Obliterater

  • Activate the Auto Fire...
  • Activate the Auto Spin...
  • Wait for the Destroyer/Booster recoil...
  • Sit...
  • Enjoy :)

Against the Obliterater

  • Do the same as with a Spammer.
  • OR, if you want to face it:
    1. Make sure it hasn't seen you
    2. If he's looking back, avoid the big Destroyer barrel and make your way on the Booster's bullet cloud
    3. Avoid the drone cluster that it generates; if it already has square drones, destroy them
    4. Try to make your way through the MchnGn's bullet storm
    5. At this point, it may have noticed you, so, shoot as much as you can; that reduces too much its life
    6. Wait, didn't you evolved to a bullet spammer!? What were you thinking!?
  • The most simple way to get rid of an Obliterater is by killing it before it becomes one. If you see a Spammer, eliminate it as fast as you can. Or even better, if you see a big normal tank with usual bullets with apparently no upgrades, destroy it.


  • The grey BG refers that it doesn't reduce any stat, just like the tank.
  • It's the first branching of a tank I invented.
  • Just like its Spammer predecessor, it creates a shockwave even more powerful when spawned because it's OPness itself.
  • It has a total of 23 barrels.
  • I still don't care if it's OP or not :)
  • It's my 10th tank :D
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