The Obliterator is a Level 45 upgrade from Destroyer that has two Destroyer cannons next to each other.They do not point in the same direction like a Twin,however. Instead, they point 45 degrees away (in different directions) from the direction you are facing. Both cannons fire at the same time. The bullets are exactly like Destroyer shots.

Strategy (as Obliterator)

Strong against: Multiple enemies, Body Rammers, etc.

Weak against: Fast tanks, long range tanks, etc. 

Rammer Build: Same as Destroyer.                                                                                                              

Shooter Build: Same as Destroyer, exept when you aim for an enemy, have one cannon pointed at then and another at where they're going.

Strategy (against Obliterator)

Aim for in between the cannons where it is weak. When fired at, move away from it (if running away), or in the direction you were not facing when it shot at you so that you won't have to worry about running into the other bullet.


  • Thanks to Adasba for the picture!
  • The idea came from a mobile clone with a similar tank that I took inspiration from to create the Obliterator.
  • My brother helped me with the description.

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