This is based off the octo tank, but upgrades from T.O.O.T at level 100 and shall upgrade to either the Mega-Octo-Master at level 115, or choose to upgrade to the Daddyship at level 130.


Is x1.3 bigger than a lv 100 octo tank, and has 128 barrels around it, evenly spaced which nearly overlaps eachothers due to the lack of space. It also has 4 smaller octuple-octo tanks spinning around it which constantly shoot and circle on themselves aswell as make a circle (because of their movement) around the user. Octo-master's barrels are x1.5 longer than normal octo tank's.


Gets 30% boost in all stats, but 50% debuff in max health and health regen. Typical movements. It does have the Q toggle ability from its predecessors, yet comes with a 10 seconds cooldown. The smaller "minions" can be killed easily, but they will respawn after 40 seconds of the master tank not being damaged. The smaller ones deal 40 times a normal tank body damage, but have extremely low health.


As the O.M (octo master)

just spread around and when someone manages to get past your followers and bullet stream, use the destroyer bullet wave to kill them or make them go out of range. Your only weakness is OP tanks with concentrated fire.

Against the O.M

Try to one-hit it if you can out-penetrate its bullets in any way possible before it kills you. Because of its huge health debuff this should be effective. If you dont have extreme penetration then just pray.


This is a joke.

First tier 7 tank.

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