The Overmancer is a tank with drones and has the abilities of the Overlord and Necromancer. It has the view of an assasain, making them hard to run away from.


Strong against: Basic tanks, Overlords, lvl 15 - 30 tanks, trappers, Gaurdians

Weak against: Bullet spammers, rammers, landmines, Necromancers, other Overmancers with a lot of reload, rammers with a lot of movment speed(mostly boosters or tri-angles), Dominators

Overmancers can have up to 8 triangle drones, and 30 square drones (depending on how much reload you have) They spawn triangle drones(like overlord), and get square drones from killing squares or green squares(like a necromancer). Once a square is destroyed, the Overmancer will need to kill another square to get it back. The drones are twice the speed, damage, and health than the Overlord.


The Overmancer has a square base, and four drone barrels on the sides. The drone

Necromancer Overlord

Overlord and Necromancer. Imagine an extra 2 barrels on the Necromancer, or a square base on the Overlord.

s are blue in FFA, but change by what team you are in Team DM, Domination, Tag mode, and Mothership.

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