The Oversuper (needs a better name). Is a hybrid of the five Overseer upgrades.


Note: The image is out of date and I am uploading this at the same time as I'm updating the Design description but it is not too far off.

Circular base, Trapper barrel on the front, and three Overseer barrels on the back half at 45 degree difference. I now have also chosen to add 4 Battleship barrels positioned just like a normal Battleship.


This is a huge combo of all Overseer upgrades:

  • The general stat balance is like the Overlord, and also can carry 8 triangle drones
  • The tank can take over Yellow Squares like the Necromancer. The amount of square drones is separate from the triangle drone count and is the same as the Necromancer
  • The tank can hide like the Manager
  • The tank also places traps like the Overtrapper (Unlike the Overtrapper you CAN control your drones)
  • The tank has Battleship drones, but you can't control them. You also can't stop them from pumping out.

If the tank can have special abilities, here they are:

  • Trapper Shield: Stay still, force auto-spin, and shoot traps at an incredible rate. Battleship drones will try to take shots while this shield is in progress. Once this is finished, everything goes like normal, but until the traps decay the Oversuper will stay there while guiding its drones at players.
  • Solidify Drones: All drones (except Necromancer) explode into four traps. One will be where the drone was and the other three in different directions. All eight barrels shoot out a standard drone that replaces the drones that "became solid". These drones are, normal.
  • Necro-Wave: A yellow or orange wave pulses from the Oversuper, that when it hits a square, it takes control of it like a Necromancer. The wave stops when the Necromancer max drone count is hit.
  • Brainwash: Pulls a tank like a magnet and takes control of it, and uses it to shoot. It ignores any tank that has a cannon in the back (Flank Guard, Quad Tank, Octo Tank, Twin Flank). It also ignores tanks with a form of an Auto Turret (Auto 3, Auto 5, Auto Gunner, Auto Trapper).
  • Hybrid Blast: All three Overseer barrels fire destroyer bullets the power of a Dominator. The Oversuper gains a big recoil forward.
  • Shadow Form: The Oversuper will stop pumping Battleship drones, become invulnerable, and stay still. It will pump 32 Drones out. Once the 32 drones are made, it goes invisible. The 32 drones attack anyone on sight and can go further than the FOV. Once 24 out of the 32 drones die, the remaining eight go to the Oversuper which is now moving and visible and vulnerable. It also appeared somewhere else...

Tie in to Zathus' Tale of Diep

Zathus (who created this wiki) has made a page that is The Tales of The Oversuper is not a son of Panzer, nor worships or even likes Panzer. He does not tie into the tales, well, at all. He is one of us, with extra upgrades, from someone unknown...

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