While on the search for the OPliterator, the Devil Mach 10 came into a tangle with the Ghidorian! The battle was treacherous, ruthless, and down right awessome! But in a few short hours, things got ugly! Ghidorian: HAHAHA!!!!!!!! Can't you take Devil!!!!!!???????

Devil Mach 10: Huff, huff, huff. Can't, keep, going. Huff.

Ghidorian: HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didin't think so!!!!!!!!! Now! Time to end this!!!!!!!! STILL ALIVE? DIE, DIE, DIE!

Justin Trudeau: Genearl Horcewoggle! Your tank is about to die! We have lost!

Genereal Horcewhoggle: Not yet! Time to activate the secret weapon!

Justin Trudeau: What? What secret weapon?

Genereal Horcewhoggle: This secret weapon! Activate Overtitan mode! Beep!

Ghidorian: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rule!!!!!!!

Overtitan 2016: Not yet you don't!!!!!!! DIEP SHIELD!!!!!!!


Ghidorian: HUH!!!!!!! What just happned?! WHO AND WHAT ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overtitan 2016: I am humanities only hope!!!!!!!!! DEVIL RAID!!!!!!!!!

Ghidorian: Oh snap.


Justin Trudeau: Genereal! We did it!!!! YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genereal Horcewhoggle: YIPEEE, and I am keeping this guy in his new form forever!!!!!!!!!! YIPEEEE!!!!!!!!!

OPliterator: WHAT!!!!!!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!! I made Ghidorians health unknown!!!!!!! Now I have a new threat looking for me possibly more powerful then me!!!!! I hop Pec110 will give me a new form to fight with. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I going to power down for the night.


The Overtitan is a very, very, VERY large tank! It has a square base, and Devil Mach 10 cannons all around it. It also has Streamliners for the second layer, four Sprayers for the third layer, and tiny rotating octogun with Streamliner cannons (I really love Streamliners).


The Overtitan can only be achieved if you get a Devil Mach 10, and upgrade it to Lv 100. Not only that, if you get killed by one, you will respwan on another server. BUMER!!!!! But unlike a Devil Mach 10, the Overtitan 2016 does not adapt to new tanks. It might be because they are so OP?


Other then it's cannons, the Overtitan has other unique abillities.

Minions: The Overtitan has some AI Devil Machs to do his bidding.

Diep Shield

This shield protects you from any tank attacks. Plus you must clike "A" to use it.

Ultra Smash

If you clike "S", you will move a few meters to where your mouse is pounting at.

Shape Summon

By cliking "Z", all Traingles and Squares a Necromencer, Overlord, and Overseer in the game has, will be yours to command for a few minutes. But there must be at least one of each tank in your server to use this attack.

Devil Raid

If you look at the Overtitan, you can see red devil skulls on some of the tanks. If you clike "X" the skulls will ruch to the nearest tank, and bit it until it dies. It can not even run from it!



Created By: Freakyzilla

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