The Phaser shoots lines of bullets.


The Phaser is a circle with 8 large barrels that are overlapping each other. They are also overlapping 5 small barrels that are overlapping each other. It shoots 8 large Prayer bullets and 5 small Sprayer bullets. With max reload it fires a continuous line of bullets. Credit to Adasba for helping with the pic.


As The Phaser

Max damage, reload and penetration are good to take out things fast. Your beam of bullets is incredibly hard to penetrate. This can take out Landmines and Smashers with ease. Alpha Pentagons take 10 seconds to kill.

Against The Phaser

Landmines and Smashers must stay away as the beam of bullets can easily kill you. Fast tanks can avoid the stream and kill it. Necromancers must stay away as this can easily wreck your drones.


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