Pick Your Poison is a new game mode in that makes huge advantage of the Buffs and Debuffs system. It has no teams, and EXP is gotten at 2x rate due to the negative effects your tank will get in this game mode.


Every 30 seconds, you will be given the option to choose one of three Debuffs that appear like the upgrade tab. You have 5 seconds to choose. If you don't, you're tank is eliminated instantly. For faster picking, each tab has a hotkey assigned (J, K, and L. J for the first option, K for the second, and L for the third). These three Debuffs can be any from the list on the Buffs and Debuffs page. Debuffs last 30 seconds, so no matter what, you will always have some sort of debuff, and if you don't, you die.

When everyone must select, a notification (like when a boss spawns, or you turn on Auto Fire) will appear. It will say "(option 1), (option 2), (option 3)... Pick Your Poison".

"Weakness, Slowness, or Burning... Pick Your Poison." (An example of a notification)

On The Off Chance...

Very rarely, a BUFF will appear in place of a debuff. You better select this while you have the chance! If one appears, the notification will instead read: "You have been spared. Pick Your Poison?". However; selecting a Buff means that you will have to select two Debuffs the next time. So it still kind of is a Poison, as the notifications questioning would suggest.

Also To Note

Totems of every type spawn in this map, and have a 5% chance of replacing a Pentagon spawn each time. For more info on Totems, read the Buffs and Debuffs page.

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