how polar mode would look like (if you ignore the sky)

Polar mode is a special mode created by hazardguy43


This mode is similar to the island mode (big map,boss tanks,4 teams.)


frozen grotto entrance

However,this mode takes place in antartica which makes lots of changes.There are lot of ice islands that can be destroyed.There are new elements in this mode.Unlike the island mode islands which are filled with color,plants,life and warmth.Polar mode islands are desolate,eerie,very cold and nearly inhospitable

1) Ice islands - unlike island mode islands.These can be destroyed and after they are destroyed,they will float until they hit something and attach to it.Only arena closers can destroy them permanently

2) Ice turret - shoots out ice orbs in 16 directions.Polar mode version of arrow turret

3) Hexa-wolf - the hostile polygon commonly found on some island,looks like dark red hexagon but with legs of a wolf.Can jump on you or bite you,dealing lot of damage.Has 2x more health than pentagon and gives 2x more XP than pentagon

4) Penta-chop - aquatic version of pentagon,charges at you,dealing damage,can bite you.Very fast on water,but almost immobile on land

5) Freeze element - in polar mode it is so cold that your can can be frozen to the ground if you are kept cold for more than 5 minutes.When you are frozen to the ground you need to be warmed up by other tanks or you will die.Overseer,smasher and its upgrades are exception along with arena closers and boss tanks

6) Torch - increaces tank heat so it doesn´t freeze to the ground

7) Blowing snow - winds randomly blow lot of snow in one direction at random 1-2 minute intervals,pushing and slowing down any tank it catches

8) Reaper island - polar mode version of pentagon nest.Filled with lots of pentagons and alpha pentagons.Various hostile polygons reside in it.Found on most isolated island on the map

9) Portal - allows you to teleport from island to island.Unlike island mode,these switch teleporting coordinates every 3 minutes

10) Geysers - appear on few isolated islands.Randomly burst out hot water that damages and pushes tanks

11) Polar ocean - nothing can walk through water on these deadly oceans except smashers,overseer,overlord ,manager and necromancer drones,boss tanks and arena closers.Normal tank that enter inside will freeze and die in 1 second.Normal tanks cannot return back to the land if they fall in the ocean (because it is too deep and cold)

12) Frozen grotto - this is where boss monster resides.It is filled with lot of death traps and slippery floors.Hexa-wolfs and penta-chops are common here.There are lot of walls.There are usually only 1-2 torches in the whole grotto.

In the center of the grotto there is a frozen boss statue that needs to be destroyed.When destroyed a boss monster will reach out of it.

A new entrance will be created that will allow boss monsters to escape his cave.Every player on the map will be informed.

After the boss monster is destroyed.Arena closers will rise from water and attack anything that moves.These move 15 times faster than normal ones and emit ice aura that freezes tanks to the ground.They have octo-tank guns.They are called as:Polar reapers

13) Shadows - slick and dark circlular figures that randomly appear on few islands.Invisible when idle.Only visible when attacking with red trail orbs

14) Trail devils - these pests often travel through the ocean.They attack by charging at the enemies,they leave a trail while traveling.They look like triangle but are in dark blue color

15) Music - this mode adds few soundtracks like in the island mode.But this mode has more chilling and ambient music (mostly) such as dial up sound slowed down to 700 %(only in frozen grotto and reaper cave),soviet music,ambient wind sounds and other ambient music

16) Icicle - found in frozen grotto,will fall down when player passes underneath them

17) Constant breeze - this element is similar to the wind.But it is always active.This element very gently pushes tanks in random direction.This direction often changes.

In frozen grotto constant breezes are stronger

18) Polar whirlpool - randomly appears and disappears in ocean water.It drowns and kills anything that gets inside except arena closers and boss tanks

19) Small iceberg - randomly rises from water in oceans.Smashers can climb on them but other tanks cannot.They randomly float and have the health of an alpha pentagon.When destroyed they will give about 5% more xp than alpha pentagon.Smashers can´t destroy them

Team elements

1) entry base - filled with torches.this is the place where tanks in each team spawn

2) polygon farm - this is where polygons spawn since polygons in the other parts of the maps are extremely scarce like in the island mode (aside from hostile polygons and reaper cave)

3) healing station - this is where every tank of each team heals

4) team security - to protect the base from trespassers.This includes -

Patrol guards - looks like guardian but can shoot at anyone that trespasses.Bullet damage is equal to that of a dominator

Electric shields - zaps any trespassers that are from different team

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