Polygon Nests are places in where a certain type of polygon spawns in abundance. These areas are more likely to contain Green variants of their shape than anywhere else. They are very useful for farming but also as a place to escape Boosters, Fighters and the like.

Types of Polygon Nest

Square Nest

These Polygon Nests are the largest and most common type. They only have Squares in them. The chance of a Green Square spawning in a Square Nest is 1/300 per polygon spawned.

Triangle Nest

These ones are the second largest and second most common type. They only contain Triangles in them. The chance of a Green Triangle spawning in a Triangle Nest is 1/250 per polygon spawned.

Pentagon Nest

This special Polygon Nest always spawns in the middle of the map. It only contains Pentagons, Hexagons, Heptagons and Octagons (and, rarely, Alpha Pentagons). Only one ever spawns in the map.

Mini Pentagon Nest

These Polygon Nest are miniature Pentagon Nests. They are third most common and the smallest of the Nests. They only contain Pentagons. The chance of a Green Pentagon spawning in a Mini Pentagon Nest is 1/550 per polygon spawned. There is also a 1/1100 chance of a spawned polygon being an Orange Pentagon.

Hexagon Nest

These ones are exceedingly rare and small (but not as small as an Octagon Nest). They only contain Hexagons. The chance of a Green Hexagon spawning in a Hexagon Nest is 1/600 per polygon spawned.

Heptagon Nest

These are the second rarest and third smallest Nest. They only contain Heptagons. Note that no Green Polygons can spawn here.

Octagon Nest

These are the rarest and second smallest Nests. Only the Mini Pentagon Nests are smaller. They only contain Octagons. No Green Polygons can spawn here, so don't think of using these Nests to hunt Green Polygons.

Guarding the Polygon Nests

...You seriously didn't think these would be left unguarded, did you? Yes? Well, I'll prove you wrong. All Polygon Nests are guarded by Small and Large AI Pink Triangles. Each Nest also has a different Guardian list which attempts to defend the Nest from attack.

List of Guardians in each Nest

Square: AI Necromancer Drones, Yellow Quad Tanks

Triangle: AI Overseer Drones, Red Tri-Angles (can become Red Boosters/Fighters), Red Auto 3s (can become Red Auto 5s), Red Triple Twins

Pentagon/Mini Pentagon: AI Dark Blue Pentagon Drones, Blue Penta Shots, Blue Auto 5s

Hexagon: AI Dark Pink Hexagon Drones, Pink Polyguns

Heptagon: AI Dark Purple Heptagon Drones

Octagon: AI Dark Orange Octagon Drones, Orange Octo Tanks

Nest Gallery

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