The Polygonist (po-lih-gun-ist), a pun on Polygon, is a Tier 4 tank from the basic Tank and upgrades into the Mega Polygonist and stuff I haven't thought of yet. It has a purple BG.


The Polygonist has a square base with no cannons.


The Polygonist is a tank that is similar to the Overseer/Necromancer, however when it scrolls it's mouse over polygons, it will start doing damage depending on stats, then you will get control of it. The polygon does not change color or anything. When you kill a polygon with a polygon you have, you will get control of it. You have 5 max polygons at first, but you can upgrade it to 15 with Drone Count.


As the Polygonist

Try and capture powerful polygons (white decagons, gamma polygons, brown hendecagons and over, or even a green polygon) to kill other tanks quickly.

Against the Polygonist

Bullet spammers will murder.


  • You can capture any polygon, even gamma polygons. However, capturing a Rainbow Decagon will make it vulnerable to bullets
  • This is the second upgrade to branch off of the Tank at Level 45 (the first being the Spammer)
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