New Polygon list created by ZathusTheMageV. All of these spawn in any game mode that allows Polygon spawns.

New Polygons

  • Green Octagon: Spawn half as often as Blue Pentagons. Can also rarely be found in the Pentagon Nest. They restore 1/4th of your tanks HP when killed, and give 50 XP.
  • Purple Circle: Immortal polygons that can only be used by Drone summoners. When a Drone touches the circle, the circle dies, but the drone splits, giving you +1 Drones until THAT dies. Spawn slightly less often than a Pentagon. Give no XP.
  • Lost Drones: A group 6-12 drones that circle an area like the old Guardians in Team Deathmatch before they changed the bases. Once a player approaches, they attack. Rare for absolutely no reason, and can trick some into thinking a Manager is nearby.
  • Mines: Almost invisible gray circular outlines that release 16 Bullets, Traps, or Drones in all directions. Bullets/Drones/Traps released are yellow, and can hurt everyone (i.e both teams in Team Modes).
  • Black Triangle: Immune to Bullet Damage, and can only be destroyed by charging into it. Gives 80 XP upon death, and is as rare as a Green Octagon.
  • Mimic: Can be any of the three traditional Polygons (Square, Triangle, or Pentagon). Once destroyed, it gives no XP, and charges at the player like a Crasher, gaining a second health bar you need to deplete to kill it. Upon the chase phase's death, the player will receive 2x the original Polygon's score.
  • Ice Square: Light blue square that vibrates in place and rotates a lot slower. Upon reaching 0 health, the player gets 200 XP, but the square remains, no longer rotating or vibrating. It can then be pushed around with bullets, and will explode into a ring of sixteen triangular shots that inflict Slowed for 2 seconds upon hitting something. Has a Companion form called Glacier Square.
  • Scattergon: A large orange nonagon about 1/3 the size of an Alpha Pentagon. Has 200 health, and upon destruction gives 500 XP, and splits into multiple Orange Nonagons spread in every direction.
  • Orange Nonagons: About the size of a Pentagon, Orange Nonagons are exactly the same, but have a 50% chance to give 2x the XP, making them lucky. Cannot be found normally, only through the destruction of a Scattergon.
  • Red Heptagons: Only found by killing Meltdown, multiple Red Heptagons are fired out like a Scattergon from his death site. They give 250 XP, and have slightly more health than a Pentagon. Every time one is killed, the player gets Frenzy for 5 seconds.
  • Furnace Square: A rocky-square with lava cracks running through it, similar to The Furnace boss itself. Is slightly larger than a regular square, and very slowly orbits a roughly circular path around the center of the map when spawned. Occasionally, orange Crashers can be seen flying out of one side and quickly diving back in to another side, hinting at what it does. When destroyed, gives 400 XP and releases a swarm of anywhere from 10 to 20 Orange Crashers, which are exactly like pink Pentagon Nest ones, but inflict Burning on contact as well, for 1 second. Furnace Squares have 300 health, making it quite resilient.

Prototype Polygons

A type of enemy that blurs the line between enemy and polygon, Prototype Polygons begin exclusive to the Polygon Playground, but during a day where Mad Science appears, Prototype Polygons have a small chance to replace a regular polygon spawn. Can also occur with the Mechagon Bosses and their usual counterparts.

The list can be found on the Polygon Playground page, but is worth mentioning.

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