The Polygun can transform into any shape.


The Polygun is a 3-pointed star with a barrel in between its points. On the front, there are 2 gunner barrels. It can turn into a polygon when it holds still. When you hold still, upgrade bars appear on your screen (tank class upgrades appear). They have every polygon in it. You still have normal health. Pink Triangles have the ability to move without changing form. While as a Pink Triangle, the option to turn back into a Polygun appears. Polygons

won't target or damage you.


As The Polygun

This is amazing for sneak attacks. Use this to kill boosters as a body damage build with Pink Triangle. Unsuspecting tanks will be easy targets for you.

Against The Polygun

Be very careful when you know one is around. If you see a polygon with a lot of health or a Alpha Pentagon with very little health, you have found a Polygun.


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