The Porcupine is a Tier 6 tank that upgrades from... I don't even know where this thing comes from!


The Porcupine has a circular base with just 320 cannons :)...






The Porcupine's overall stats decrease a lot, but Reload rises. It fires small bullets, in a BIG BULLET STORM OF DOOM!


As the Porcupine

  • Max the Bullet stats
  • Press E
  • Press C (optional)
  • Enjoy :)

Against the Porcupine

  • Use a bullet spammer with lots of Speed and Health to overpass the Porcupine's bullet fog. The further from it, the easier to dodge


  • You need a really powerful computer to play with such tank. If it's not fast enough it will cause the entire computer to crash.
  • It's called "The Porcupine" because it has so much cannons that they look like porcupine quills.
  • You know how much I care about if it's OP or not :)
Pec110's Ideas

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