Power Tanks is a game mode that is like Mothership, Zathus's Boss Frenzy, and UltraReconKing's Juggernaut (All of which are fine game modes, and I like them).

Power Tanks

First person who joins is on the Red team, and is the "Power Tank". Everyone else that joins are regular tanks that join blue and go through regular leveling. The Power Tank gets to be an exclusive OP tank. My image is that the Power Tank can be any of my boss tanks.


The Scoreboard shows the Power Tank's HP and the XP of the top 10 on blue.

The arrows point to either the Power Tank (if on blue) or the top player on blue (if on red).

The Power Tank could take on anything in 1v1 (except Motherships and Arena Closers, but could take on a Domination Turret).

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