This is a game mode for you to battle your friends without distractions. When you go to this game mode there are two options: "Create Game" and "Join Game".

Create Game

If you chose "Create Game", you are given a code to give to your friend(s) so you can play together. After you have gotten the code and created a name, you are put into the game. In the game, you can see a list of participants who have joined and a "Start" button. When the you click it, the game starts and nobody can join anymore. You cannot start a game with only yourself.

Join Arena

If you chose "Join Game", a panel will come up. You must type the code you were given by your friend to join the lobby. You are put into a game and you see a list of participants. The game starts when the creator starts it.


If a lobby is empty, or is not started for twenty minutes, the lobby closes, and you are kicked out if you are in it. Also, a lobby cannot last longer than two hours.


  • An arrow shows where everybody is and a notification pops up when somebody dies, saying: Name has killed Name.
  • The map is slightly smaller than a normal FFA map.
  • You can instantly rejoin if you die.
  • No more than fifty players can be in the same map.
  • Idea by Pulty, do not steal.

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