Basic Info

Private servers are normal servers, but created by a user with custom server settings. They also have their own custom party codes as well. Players can join if they get the link, but they may have to get permission from the server founder. When you want to join a private server, it will show the name box just like normal, but it will also ask you to type in or paste a private server code. There is also a button named "create server".

Creating a Server

Your normal private server can hold up to 10 players, and is 1/2 the length and width of an FFA arena. You can add more players and increase the arena size, but it will cost money to host, or you can host a server yourself for free. Before you join the server, you can change many settings.


Here is a list of things you can change.

  • Individual spawnrates of all shapes
  • Individual shape HP and body damage
  • Shape speed (they move slowly if you look carefully)
  • All default stat changes
  • Allowed stat upgrades (example: you could ban body damage at level three or higher)
  • Allowed tanks
  • Allowed tanks with certain stats (example: you could ban boosters with a body damage level of five or higher)
  • Player names (you could add swear filters, remove all [MG]s, etc)
  • EXP gain from shapes and players.
  • Max amount of players
  • Different server "rooms"
  • Gamemodes
  • Level players start at
  • Permissions and ranks
  • Amount of leaderboard spots
  • Automatic Updating
  • Some more stuff that I forgot

Server Rooms

Once you join a private server, if it has multiple rooms, you can join different ones. They are basically different arenas, but in the same server. This could be set up for 1v1s and things like that, but still have other players do stuff at the same time.

Arena Closer Mode

The owner of the server, and specific players can have "Arena Closer Mode", which gives them extra permissions such as instant leveling, score changing, becoming the mothership in something like an FFA server, and more.

Some More Things about Private Servers

  • There can be infinite teams with all hex codes
  • Any tank can be in any gamemode (dominator in FFA, mothership in team dm, etc)
  • No arena closers, unless you want them to come, or automatic updating is enabled
  • AI controlled tanks
  • Possible feature for making mods in private servers?

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