Probe with Probes

Probe protected by Probes

The Probe is a Tier 4 Tank that can be selected from the Overseer at level 45. It can shoot normal bullets and probes.


The Probe has a circular base, with a small, wide cannon with a little trapezoid facing inwards at the end of the barrel.


When controlling Tank:

  • Left Click: Fire common bullets
  • Right Click: Fire probes. You now control the bullets

When controlling probes:

  • Left Click: Fire tiny bullets
  • Right Click: Control the tank again

If you control the tank with spawned probes, the will follow you as drones, except that they fire instead of crashing into targets!

Probe bullets

Different types of Probe´s Bullets


The Probe can fire bullets AND probes, that look like tiny tanks (hence the name). You can fire a total of 4 probes.

To fire probes, press the right click. The camera will now center in the probe, and the next ones will follow it. You can control now your bullets! And also, they fire!

The cons of this probe control is that the tank is left exposed to any danger, and, if killed, the porbes will disappear, and game over.

To upgrade the probes, do it just like bullets, after all, they ARE bullets.

Because they are bullets that fire bullets, the probes are weaker than the Overseer's drones.


As the Probe

Stay in a quiet place away from any tank. Because the probes look like bullets, the enemies will not notice them, so you can fire them while they don't look. Preferably move your probes as if they were fired bullets, stop and shoot to your prey. In Team DM, hide in the Home Base and help your teammates with the probes. Also, you can fight with your own bullets, like a big normal tank.

Against the Probe

Just look where the Probe is and, if it doesn't move, fire it with everything you have! If he's protected by the probes, try using high bullet penetrating tanks, or, the Tri-Angle family. That should be enough to take them down.


  • Yo dawg, I herd you liked bullets, so we put bullets on your bullets, so you can fire bullets while you fire bullets.
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