The Protector is a tank that upgrades from the Doctorate at Level 45. It has no upgrades, being the final in its path. Created by ZathusTheMageV. Art by StreamlinerTeam.


The Protector is your average circle tank. It is 50% larger than other Level 45 tanks however. It has two Auto Turrets on its back, and a long gray rectangle laying sideways on the front.


  • The Protector drops everything magical about its predecessors, the Shaman and the Doctorate.
  • It favors a shield that does nothing, UNLESS you right-click. Right-clicking creates a bright blue line that does not move and stays where you put it like a Trap.
    • This line is 30 tiles long (play really quick to look at how long that is).
    • This line deflects all bullets that hit it. In Team Modes, teammate's bullets will pass through it.
      • The shield will not deflect most boss attacks.
      • Lasers can penetrate shields.
    • The shield works on both sides, if someone decides to shoot it, and not you, for some reason.
    • Shields last 10 seconds.
    • Shields are facing the angle your front was. If you were looking diagonal-left, the shield is facing that way too.
    • Placing shields has a 20 second cooldown, that begins once you place down one.
    • Bullets that are deflected become the opposite color.
    • Enemy players on other teams that touch the shield will take THEIR Body Damage back at them every frame, and cannot go through it.
      • Team members of the Protector that created the shield can pass through it.
      • Lets say a red team member fires at a shield. The bullet will turn blue if deflected, and can hurt reds.
      • This also works in FFA because you are blue to yourself, and your deflected bullet will become red, therefore able to hurt you.
  • Has two Auto Turrets evenly spaced on the back.
    • Auto Turrets are those things that the Auto Gunner and Auto Tank use.
    • They can hit your back and your sides.
    • You are only unprotected by your Auto Turrets in the front, and that's why you have a shield that can deflect bullets back at enemies.

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