Pulsar is an abnormal Boss Tanks that can spawn in Fortresses. It lacks a playable equivalent. Created by Hypno1337. This boss has a room roughly 1/4 the size of usual rooms.


Pulsar consists of a circular core at the top-centre of the room it resides in roughly twice the size of an Alpha Pentagon and a deep purple in colour. Inside of the core is a second circle roughly half the size in the centre that's a darker purple and containing yet another circle half of the size still and a deep black. From this are fairly narrow, dark purple "beams" connecting the main core to the four identical cores in each of the corner albeit these cores are half of the size of the original. The player can't make contact with the beams. Covering the four walls excluding where the cores are is a string of yet more cores albeit blue rather than purple and roughly 20% larger than a usual tank.

Attacks and Abilities

This massive machine is completely immobile but can only take damage from the purple cores. Pulsar is capable of using two to three abilities at once.

  • Beam Pulse: This attack causes for a beam to be fired from each of the four corner cores and the main core at each of the players with 14 more beams on each side of the first to create a spread. These beams don't do damage until two seconds pass, as indicated by the beams being a transparent purple before turning opaque for one second (in this time it does damage on contact) and disappearing. These beams are immune to pierce.
  • Firework: The central core will fire a total of 15 projectiles at a ROF of 0.75 seconds each in the general directions of players with an error-angle that of the Machine Gun. These projectiles are large and slow. They will explode after 2.5 to 4 seconds in a ring of 32 projectiles 3 times (with 0.5 second gaps) with 1.2* the maximum bullet speed for a basic tank and unlimited range (at least until it hits the wall). These bullets have level 20 pierce
  • 5 Shot Spread: The 5 purple cores fire a spread of shots at the two closest players each. These shots are the same as those from the Firework attack but with a 50% speed increase and fire once every 0.25 seconds for a salvo of 20. These shots have a 3 degree angle of inaccuracy.
  • Alternating: The blue cores on the left side of the room fires 5 shots with 0.1 second gaps between them every second from every other core. Meanwhile on the right side of the room, the cores adjacent to those that didn't fire on the left side will fire in the exact same way as the cores on the left side. This lasts for 10 seconds. These bullets have level 25 pierce and infinite range although mere level 10 shot speed. These bullets are also the size of the blue cores themselves.

More to be added.


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