These are the ideas by Pulty that do not have a page of their own:

Spawning and Survival


When you spawn, you gain immunity for some time. This is useful, but higher Level tanks can wait beside you for your immunity to be over. These are some solutions:

  • Immunity time should be changed to one minute.
  • You should be able to boost tanks out of your view range.
  • A counter shows how much time you have left.
  • this

Balanced Teams in Game Modes with Teams

Some ideas are from this page, but I have changed them a bit.

  • At the beginning of a game, make the amount of tanks spawning on a team equal to the other teams
  • When one team is winning, spawn new players into weaker teams.
  • In Team DM, spawn more Polygons in and near the losing team's or teams' protected area.
  • See this

Survival; Immunity

Deleting Kill Notifications when killing low leveled tanks will not help! We need to do this:

Make tanks that are <Level 15 and tanks >Level 15 immune to each other.

Make tanks that are <Level 30 and tanks >Level 45 immune to each other.

Make tanks that are <Level 45 and tanks >Level 60 immune to each other.

Make tanks that are <Level 60 and tanks (>)Level 75 immune to each other.

  • The reason I wrote "each other" is so that the lower Level tanks cannot attack high Level tanks without being damaged.
  • You can turn immunity off so that you can attack ITs (see bottom) whose immunity are also off. However, it takes forty seconds for it to switch for obvious reasons*.
  • Let us use the abbreviation IT (“immune tank”) to say a tank that you need your immunity off to kill.
  • To kill an IT, both your and their immunity have to be off.
  • Turn immunity on/off by pressing i.
  • Bring the Kill Notifications back.

*If you don't not know what the obvious reasons are, read this:

  • When a player has immunity on, and they see an IT potential target, they cannot turn immunity instantly off and kill them.
  • When a player has immunity off, and they see a dangerous, stronger IT, they cannot instantly turn on immunity.
  • Et cetera.

Game Mechanics

  • There should be a link for every Game Mode (including FFA).
  • Swearing is censored in names. (But don't go too far! Damn and asshole are not swear words.)


  • Press Enter to chat.
  • Words appear around your tank.
  • Swear words are censored (But don't go too far! Damn and asshole are not swear words.)
  • Pressing Shift instead of enter will make sure only your team sees it.


  • None

Plagiarism Prevention Stuff

  • Any similarities to other websites or pages, unless noted, are entirely coincidental.

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  • Ideas by Pulty, do not steal.

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