The Quadruplet is a Tier 5, Level 60 tank that upgrades from a Level 60 Gunner and the Triplet.


The Quadruplet has a circular base and four cannons, the two middles over the outer cannons. Some say it looks like a Gunner.



The Quadruplet is a better version of a Triplet as it shoots more bullets. Bullet Damage and Penetration are also increased.


Typical controls.


As the Quadruplet

  • Same as the Triplet, but more powerful.

Against the Quadruplet

  • Same as the Triplet (but watch out! It has an extra cannon, meaning it has higher RoF and penetration and stuff.)


  • When the Triplet is upgraded from the Triple Shot, it loses some penetration. However, this does not happen when the Triple upgrades to the Quadruplet.
  • If you want to distinguish between a Gunner and a Quadruplet, here are a few things:
    • The Gunner’s barrels do not go all the way to the exact place where the curve of the circle starts going the other way. The Quadruplet’s does.
    • A Gunner shoots smaller bullets than the Quadruplet.

Plagiarism Prevention Stuff

  • Extremely similar to Chapsteck4yurlipis's Quadruplet. THIS IS JUST A COINCIDENCE; THIS WAS NOT COPIED!
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