The Rammer is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Destroyer, and the smasher.


The Rammer features a circular base with a huge rectangular cannon and a Smasher-like hexagon half.


The Rammer drops down significantly the Bullet Damage and ends with the Reload to almost nothing. It greatly increases the Body Damage, Max Health, Health Regeneration and Movement Speed; this, with the well-known Destroyer recoil, gives the Rammer its name with reason.


As the Rammer

  • Your best bet is to use the Rammer Build like a Destroyer would do, except that this time you have a buzzsaw >:)
  • With that bullet size, you can practically propell yourself straight to the action; or, if the action is too much, you can escape very quickly.
  • With your Movement Speed increased, the recoil and a good accuracy, you can easily ram through an unprepared tank far away from your FOV.
  • Always keep moving, as you can escape from battles and kill tanks in the way.

Against the Rammer

  • Use bullet spammers like a Penta Shot to attack him from the buzzsaw side; if it atttempts to ram you, it'll swallow all the bullets; preferably increase the Bullet Damage and Penetration.
  • Also, swarm it with lots of drones with high health and damage; attack it from behind so it'll late in react and, soon, die
  • Another way to get rid of it is placing lots of traps, preferably big; In this way, it'll ram without watching and BOOM! A trap field around it.


  • It´s half Smasher
Pec110's Ideas

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