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Random Ideas for tanks


  • *Upgrade from the gunner
  • *has eight barrels in the front (though this barrels are smaller than the gunners)
  • *bullets are smaller
  • *Has a small buff to damage
  • *A minor drop in penetration


  • *Has a bad name
  • *Upgrade from destroyer
  • *Shoots a slightly faster, smaller, and a tiny bit more damaging
  • *After firing the bullet left click it to explode it
  • *After exploding, 8 bullets (size depends on damage) comes out of the destroyer bullet
  • *Bullet size: (0 damage) Gunner bullet, (7 damage) lv45 tank bullet
  • *If 2 of the cannons bullets are out in the field then only first cannonball will explode when you left click
  • *Left click again to explode the second one

Quad Flank:

  • *Kinda like a quad tank and a twin flank combined
  • *2 barrels instead of one where the Quad tank cannons would be
  • *Same Reload,Speed,Penetration
  • *A slight boost in damage
  • *Similar to Octotank

*Upgrades from Quad Tank

Unnamed Trapper:

*Has the ability to turn invisible

*Has one trap launcher

*Traps have the same damage, penetration, and recoil as the normal trapper

*Traps get lauched a little further


*Branches off from the tri-angle

*Has ability to lauch across the screen

*If the tank gets hit by any bullets (not shapes) the tank stops

*Also applies to tanks

*Activate by left clicking

*Looks like the tri-angle but the back barrels are longer

*Slight debuff on Movement speed and body damage

*Moves somewhat slower than the tri-angle

Game Modes:

  • Private: Play with your friends
  • Test: Can spawn in shapes, bosses and get free upgrades
  • Deathmatch: Dropped in an empty arena all by yourself and after 10 minutes of trainin, you are dropped in a map with other people, as the game goes on the map gets smaller

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