Random Shoot

The Random Shoot is a tank that upgrades from the Flank Guard at level 45, and the Auto 3, at level 45. It contains the same features as the Octo Shoot, however the cannon placement for where they come out is completely random.


The Random Shoot has no base tank design, but the barrels that come out have no exact spots.


The Random Shoot gains a moderate maximum health buff, a very slight health regenerating speed debuff, and also a high movement speed debuff. The way the barrels come out and in is found Here.


As The Random Shoot

  • You should have no problem dealing with a lot of enemies and a big amount of lower level tanks.
  • The Random Shoot is best played in Team DM or Mothership, due to it's high area coverage and ability to deal with alot of entities.
  • The Random Shoot can quite easily take out necromancers, and tanks that try to swarm you with their drones(ex Summoner).

Against The Random Shoot

  • High penetration, DPS, and front facing shooters are extremely good against the Random Shoot.
  • Rangers can also do well against the Random Shoot.


  • The Random Shoot is the second class in the game to have barrels going in and out, along with the Octo Shoot.

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