The Ray is a Tier 4 tank, one of four upgrades from the Laser at level 45. The other ones are: Mega Laser, Auto Laser, and Hexa Laser.


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The Ray looks like a Laser with two smaller, additional laser cannons beside the original cannon and one on top of it.



The Ray is a more powerful version of the Laser. It shoots a mass of beams consisting of one normal beam and three smaller ones.


Typical firing and movement controls.


Strong/Weak Against

  • Strong Against: Tank, Flank Guard and Sniper (including Laser) class tanks
  • Weak Against: Tanks with high RoF and Bullet Penetration, Slicer

As the Ray


  • Bullet Penetration and Damage make sure your laser beams do not get penetrated easily and that they do more damage.
  • Spread some points onto other Stats.


  • Ramming tanks can be killed if you have enough damage Stats.
  • You can use your laser beam to block bullets if your Bullet Penetration is high enough.
  • Stay away from bullet spammers.

Against the Ray

  • If you are capable of bringing down a Ray, follow its beams until you find it.
  • If you are not capable of killing a Ray, stay out of its view because it is hard to escape once you are in it.

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