The Reflector is a Tier 4 tank that branches off the smasher.


The Reflector is a tank with three shields. When a bullet hits the shield, it bounces back, and it's the reflector's bullet now.


Body Damage goes slightly down, while Movement Speed and Health Regen go up.


As the Reflector

Unlike the Smasher, you can spin the Reflector as you would a normal tank. This is so you have the chance to reflect every bullet that comes your way. The only bullets it can't reflect, are triangles from the Overseer, Overlord, Manager and Overtrapper, Squares from the Necromancer, and Arena Closer Bullets.

Against the Reflector

As you can see, on the image, the reflector has three gaps, so make sure you have a multi-gun tank like the Penta shot. This way, the Reflector has a small chance of being unharmed.


  • This is ScribbleMasterer's first Tank.
  • It is also the second Smasher based tank.

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