Rocket is a fan made tank created by hazardguy43.It branches off sniper,this tank has 2 branches


The rocket shoots one rocket that does damage in medium area,damage is highly increased,but speed and bullet speed are lowered



rocket first tier

Branch 1

Flank rocket -

Adds one extra rocket shooter,slightly increased bullet speed

Quad rocket -

Adds 2 extra rocket shooters

Octo rocket -

Adds 4 extra rocket shooters

Branch 2


increased area of damage to very large,after rocket explodes it shatters into 16 bullets,these bullets are slightly smaller than those of hybrid tank,rockets can seek enemies for 3 seconds


Rockets become very slow-moving,but area of damage is now huge.Rockets can seek enemies for 20 seconds,after nuke explodes,it causes radiation effect that damages all tanks in large radius.This lasts for 10 seconds.Firing speed is now very slow,firing one nuke every 8 seconds.D


Octo rocket



amage is increased

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