The Rocket is a Tier 4 tank that upgrades from the Destroyer.


The Rocket has a circular base and a compound barrel consisting on a massive rectangle and a large trapezoid on the end.


The Rocket reduces almost all the recoil from the Destroyer and apart from the big bullet, it has Machine Gun's little spamming bullets. The Bullet Speed, Penetration and Damage increase, but, again, the Reload and the Movement Speed decrease.


As the Rocket

  • DON'T use the Rammer build; this Destroyer's upgrade centers more on the cannon than on the Body Damage.
  • Try to take a short distance between tanks so you can destroy the first tank in front of you and the big bullet will go on until it catches; a) another victim; or b) polygons to farm.
  • Fighting drones willl be much easier with the Machine Gun fire. The Destroyer cannnon would have a low reload, but the mchngn will have a faster reload, a bit slower than a common MchnGn.

Against the Rocket

  • Take advantage that the Rocket won't ram, so you can snipe it from a very far position.
  • The Rocket also is slower, so a bullet spammer should be enough to kill it, obviously, with a higher Bullet Pentration.


  • This is the second tank upgrade from the Destroyer I (Pec110) have created.
    • Curiously, they are hybrids from other tanks with the Destroyer.
  • The name "Rocket" comes from its firing. The Destroyer's bullet is the fire and the Machine Gun is the dust cloud.
Pec110's Ideas

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