Hello everyone my name is God Im Here To Talk About the new sandbox mode

Boss And A.I Hotkeys:They should add hot keys. Or an menu that you can choose A.I's.

Map Growth:Have the option to change size to almost any size.

No Level Cap And Edit Points With No Cap:Have the power to go over many many levels and points with no limit. Also have the power to decrease level as well

Private Mode In Sandbox With Perks:As i mean so just give people a code for access into you're sandbox. Also can give people god mode and level with a menu and especially kick others.

More Cheats:Like tank growth and colour change. Also just like the Landmine and Smasher add more point slots for leveling up. Also please make an A.I compainion like for example. An defender that protects and follows you with a menu or hotkey to summon any A.I

Summoning Menu:Please allow us to summon us and size and power for example. (A.I)Triplet:Level 150 Reload 25 Damage 25 Penetration 25 ect. Just so we can have boss battles with the tanks we use and ect if you decide to follow my opinion. Also add every new class or boss into the list of summonable A.I

Also Choose When You Want The Arena Closers To Start Coming In:Either way arena closers are going to come in party modes maybe. But if we could we can choose iff you never want to or a certain time limit

Time For Bosses To Appear:Now just like 7 im now going to explain that we can change time when bosses will appear also which ones 

Allow Player's To Create Your Own Tank From Iblob And Bring It Into Diep Io:That is all we need customized tanks brought into your game. Beautiful also this is only about sandbox so yeah....Also when in sandbox with others if you decide to follow this thread only let admin of server have control of allowing modified tanks also can choose specific people that have access

Better Now...

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