The Scorpion is a tank that branches from Destroyer at level 45. It doesn't have drones, nor does it shoot bullets or traps, but it has a "whip." The whip will be attached to the hull of the tank, if they left-click, the whip will shoot out. If you manage to hit a player with it, they will be attached to the whip and the whip will be pulled back to the hull. The Scorpion is a rammer class, so the whip makes a great use for the tank. It takes about 1.5 seconds to shoot the whip. If you manage to get attached to the whip, you can shoot it, it has 100 HP, so if you shoot it till its at 0 HP, the whip will go back to the hull and recharge, it about takes 3 seconds to recharge. It can pull a group of drones at once and completely destroy them. If it gets a trap, it will be stuck to the whip, if you right-click, the trap will shoot out and deal half the damage the trap does.

Weak Against

Sniper-related classes

Strong Against

Auto-tanks, including Overseer-related classes


Against the Scorpion

Stay far away from the Scorpion, as its whip cannot go very far.

Use the whip to you advantage, get attached to the whip, defeat the whip and attack the hull.

As the Scorpion

Get close to the tank and shoot the whip at it, since your close, the tank won't have much time to defeat the whip.

Attack the drones first, then attack the enemy tank, if it is an Overlord,

try avoiding the drones and attack the enemy tank.

(P.S) If this tank ever gets added, it will probably get nerfed badly. :P

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