NOTE: This boss does not exist and it's only an idea made by a fellow rollback on wikia. DON'T STEAL. I WARN YOU.
When an adventure was been, it has been hard, time-wasting job only to find a legendary polygon, Orange pentagon, And was killed, Abused and it's master decided... To Storm everyone for their BIGGEST mistake in their existence. This is another member of the quad squad.


It's an orange pentagon with 5 pentagon spawners. And has another pentagon overlapping it's body who has an orange Penta-bomb Blaster.


Pentagon drones: Will launch a lot of orange pentagons that will chase players in their sight, who can change target sometimes.

Penta-bomb Launcher: It's bomb launcher will shoot bombs that last only 3 secs after it's launch, they are very fast. When the 3 seconds elapse, The bomb will split into 5 small pentagon drones who are a little faster than crashers.


This tank is NOT plagiarized from others. Nor even a plagiate from Omega pentagon.

This tank is inspired by Orange pentagon.

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