The Shaman is an upgrade selectable at Level 15 from the Basic Tank. Created by ZathusTheMageV.


The Shaman looks like the Basic Tank, except it is shaped like a pentagon. Two small spikes extend from the two sides that form the top point, and are purely just there for design, and do not do damage.


Note: This tank is a powerful team player. While usable in FFA, it is highly recommended to be used in Team modes.

The Shaman fires small triangle 'darts' that inflict the Poisoned Debuff on enemies. However, it has a slow fire rate. Its main ability is the blue aura that extends around it. The size is enough for half an Arena Closer to fit inside (so its not too large). Tanks inside this range are cured of debuffs, and recover health slightly faster.


  • Created on the spot to counter Debuffs, and how many there are.
  • It is a lot more of a support class, due to its low fire rate, but exceptional team power.
    • The Witch Doctor is a lot more sufficient of a choice if you want damage. Just go to Mage at Level 15 instead if you want to be damage based from the start.

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