Note: I get it that this is literally the Protector with only 1 auto turret and doesn't reflect bullets. everyone has their own ideas, you know! The shield is a defensive class that upgrades from the tank at level 30. It has a "block" at the front that blocks bullets from passing through. the "block" lags behind the player. It will take 1 second for the block to reach where the player wants it to be. The Shield does not reflect bullets, just blocks them. Bullet penetration changes both the penetration of the auto turret and changes how fast "block" will destroy the bullets. With 0 penetration, it takes 3 seconds to destroy a max penetration basic tank bullet.
ATB256's ideas
Tanks: Burster_(ATB_tank),Gun_burst_(ATB_tank),Mega_burster_(ATB_tank),Shield_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 2: Mega_shield,Defense_flank,Plane_shot_(ATB_tank),Auto_destroyer_(ATB_tank),
Tanks 3: Super_flank_(ATB_tank),Destroyer_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 4: Gunner_flank_(ATB_tank)
Tanks 5: Gun_twin_(ATB_tank),Engineer_(ATB_tank)
Polygons: Octagon_(ATB_polygon)
Gamemodes: Mashup_mode_(ATB_gamemode)
Bosses: Penta-master_(ATB_boss),Smasher_King_(ATB_boss),Fallen_Mothership_(ATB_boss),Elite bosses (ATB256)
WIP: Streaker_branch_(ATB's_W.I.P_branch)

Game tweaks: Game_Tweaks_(ATB's_actually_possible_universe)

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