A tier 1 shielder

Full circle

full circle

Shielder is a tank made by hazardguy43,it is able chosen at level 15

The shielder has the half firing rate of basic tank,but can make electric shield that has lots of health.This shield is enabled by right click and lasts for 20 seconds,when it has to recharge for 10 seconds

Two additional upgrades appear : Shield health and shield regen.These stats upgrade together with max health and health regen


Branch 1 :

Semi - circle:Lowered gun damage.But increased shield size and health,shield is active for 40 seconds

Full circle:Cannot attack anymore,but creates very strong shield with health of a alpha pentagon,tanks that are on same team as shielder can enter into him,shield lasts for 3 minutes

Branch 2 :



protector:Shield is weaker and only lasts for 15 seconds,but tank damage is increased

defender:Shield only lasts for 10 seconds,but tank gains 6 front guns that fire very fast.Enemy tanks are pushed by shield.Tank and shield health are lowered

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