Shields are defensive items that can be carried by a tank.


This shield type is composed of small tanks attached by the barrel. They spawn in a similar fashion to a boss tank and come in 3 forms: line, triangle, or square. When attached to, they can be damaged by enemy tanks.


Each sled will have the accumulated hitpoint from the number of tanks they are made of and can regenerate health whether or not they are attached to a host tank. The host tank retains all its stats and special abilities, except for speed, which will match the base speed of a Tier 1 tank, and kickback from launching ammunition, which will be reduced.

Sleds absorb damage from ammunition and collisions, protecting the host tank. To become attached to a sled, players can move their tank over its centroid and press 't'; pressing 't' again will detach the sled. The health of the sled appears below the player's health bar.


The chain is a type of shield that can be picked up by placing a tank over the large ring on the end and pressing 't'. When a player drags the chain across any of the three basic polygons or any small traps, these become attached to one of the small rings. The attachments on the chain can protect a player by absorbing damage from enemy ammunition and body strikes.

Whip Shield

When it first generates, the chain will consist of one large ring with 15 small rings and links. The small rings do not absorb any damage but the large ring can be damaged when the chain is not attached to a host tank. Each hit to the large ring will cause a small ring and link at the end of the chain to be destroyed, any polygon or trap it was holding will detach from the chain.

The chain is flexible enough to wrap around a tank and can be pulled into various shapes. While on the chain, attachments have a reduced amount of inertia.

Similar in effect to a necromancer, the attachments will not be damaged by teammates.

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