Shock is a tier 3 tank that carries a powerful and fast tesla coil that excels at shooting down projectiles. The weapon is also good against faster targets due to its much faster speeds. It upgrades from the Recovery at level 30.


Shock has a normal tank design however the barrel is replaced with a centre-mounted grey/silver circle.


The tank's base stats are the same as those of the Basic Tank except for the following changes:

-80% Damage.

+200% Reload.

+200% Pierce.

This tank does not fire conventional bullets. Instead it will fire a very fast jolt of lightning at the point clicked. However this lightning can hit things in its path such as polygons, other tanks or bullets. It may also hit bullets or polygons near to the target if present. This lightning can arc up to 5 times between targets and will deal -20% damage each arc.

Projectile Speed is replaced with Arc Efficiency which has 5 levels, each level will take 3% away from the damage penalty with arcs and the 5th level will grant an extra arc. This lightning has a fairly short range and will face a rapid damage and pierce penalty if it goes beyond this (there is a button at the bottom-right corner on activating this tank that will use a team-coloured circle to show the effective range at all times.)

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