The Shooter is a Tier 4, Level 45 tank that upgrades from the Assassin along with the Stalker and Ranger.


The Shooter looks like a Trapper with the rectangular part of the barrel extremely long. Don't blame me that it's ugly.



This tank is the same as the Assassin, except it gains thrice the Bullet Speed, and a bit extra Bullet Damage and Penetration, and Reload.


Typical controls.


Strong Against: Tanks with low health or RoF

Weak Against: Rammers or Bullet Spammers

As the Shooter


  • Bullet Damage and Penetration are essential.
  • Reload can be useful.
  • Although you already have great Bullet Speed, you may want to get more.
  • Get some health upgrades.
  • Others


  • If you have full Bullet Speed, your target may not see your bullets or where they came from, keeping you safe.
  • Do not provoke or reveal your position to fast rammers with awesome health.
  • Your bullets are hard to dodge.
  • If you see a tank at low health, snipe them.

Against the Shooter

  • If you think you can handle a Shooter, try to spot where the bullet is coming from and go in their general direction.
  • Otherwise, do what you would against a Ranger.


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  • Idea by Pulty, do not steal.

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