Sir SpeedzALot was knighted well before the lunacy broke out. But decades later, it afflicted him. He absorbed a magic artifact from the King's Hall when his lunacy became worse. He then became almost immortal. The King tried to stop him, but he was defeated. He then used the artifact to take the King's memory, and then told him that Pwner of Scrubs had the artifact. It is hard to imagine that the Sir was once a nice man. But nobody remembers that. The job is now yours. End his rampage. Save your friends. Before it is too late...



This boss looks like a booster that took steroids. It has 8 thrusters at the back and one spiked barrel at the front. That thing in the background is an Alpha Pentagon. Yep. It's huge.



The boss will charge at the nearest 5 tanks.


The boss will travel at warp speed, damaging anything nearby.

Trans-Dimensional Teleport:

The boss will take away a level from every nearby tank, and make all nearby polygons hostile.


The boss will rapidly spin while firing the back barrels. The shots will slow down anybody hit for 20 seconds.


When this boss is at low health, he will throw up the artifact. The artifact has 5K Health and spins around shooting orbs made up of concentrated magic, and they explode on impact


  • This is not based on The Fallen Booster, a boss that exists in-game. This page was created before the boss was added.

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