The Slicer is a Level 30 upgrade from the basic Tank and can upgrade further to the Hexa-Slice and the Mega Slicer.


The Slicer has a triangular base with 3 short, but wide, lances on each side.


The Slicer removes Reload and Bullet Speed, and Bullet Damage and Bullet Penetration are now Lance Damage and Lance Penetration. If a tank has higher bullet penetration than you, it can get past your lances. When your lances hit a tank, it does damage to them. Although it functions similar to the Smasher, don't ram tanks and try to stay close to them, but not too close. Body Damage is reduced by 75%, but max health is noticeably increased.


As the Slicer

Try and ram tanks with only one side with bullets. Stay away from Octo-Tanks and drone tanks as they can easily overwhelm the player and kill them quickly. Put much into movement speed. And stay away from snipers.

Againt the Slicer

An easy way to defeat the slicer is to use ranged tanks to your advantage. Snipers are very useful with this, as they can even snipe the tank without it seeing you. Tanks with bullets on all sides also prevent slicers very easily.


  • This tank was inspired by the Lancer, and was updated to work with it.
  • The color of the backround represents M in CMYK, as the colors seem to be the colors of RGB (Red green blue) and CMYK (Cyan magenta yellow black (or key). This is now outdaded, as this tank should actually have a purple background. If the Lancer is taken in hand, it would still have a magenta background, though.
  • Art by Adasba
Chapsteck4Yurlipis's ideas

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